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Dive Sites Sharm El Sheikh

Located at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula — the dive sites around Sharm El Sheikh make it one of the oldest and most famous diving destinations in the world. There are over 35 amazing dive sites we can visit with a diverse range of underwater topography. Swim through gentle bays with gorgeous coral gardens or drift along fabulous wall dives and submerged reefs. 


All of the dive sites in Sharm el Sheikh are within easy reach by boat. It seldom takes much more than an hour to reach them from the jetties we use.

The dive sites in Sharm El Sheikh are split into three main areas:

  • The Straits of Tiran in the north, 
  • Local dive sites fringing the coast and, 
  • World-famous Ras Mohammed National Park.  

Below you will find a map of the dive sites and a short description of the main features of each site.

Ras Mohammed National Park Overview

On the very tip of the Sinai, where the Gulf of Aqaba and the Gulf of Suez meet with the main body of the Red Sea, there is a high cliff wall. It’s on this cliff that if you look closely you can see the outline of the Prophet Mohammed’s face looking south over the Red Sea. As a matter of fact it’s this that Sinai’s oldest National Park takes its name from.
Established in 1983 the Park covers a vast area — it encompasses all of the land starting from the tip of the Sinai extending north to Sharm el Sheikh’s main port. It also covers  all the waters along this coastline. There are several dive sites in the Park, varying from steep wall dives and fast currents to mild drift dives past fabulous coral pinnacles and gardens.

Dive Sites in Ras Mohammed

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The Straits of Tiran Overview

The eastern arm of the Red Sea, which separates the Sinai from Saudi Arabia, is known as the Gulf of Aqaba. It is a huge rift in the sea floor that plunges down thousands of meters into the deep. At the mouth of the gulf is Tiran Island, and it is between Tiran Island and the Sinai that the Straits of Tiran are located.

The Straits consist of four reefs named Gordon, Thomas, Woodhouse and Jackson. These names come from the British Cartographers that first mapped the area.

Rising from the deep waters to the surface, these massive coral heads display stunning colours and coral diversity. They are swept daily by fierce currents that occur as the waters from the Gulf flow back and forth through the narrow channel. It’s these currents that bring nutrient rich waters to the reef.

The corals flourish and there are an abundance of reef fish. This in turn draws pelagic fish such as Snappers, Tuna and Barracuda, and the Sharks to the area. Cruising the walls and coral gardens you may see white-tip or grey reef sharks. Sometimes visiting from the depths  you could find silver-tip, leopard, thresher, tiger or scalloped hammerhead sharks.


Dive Sites in The Straits of Tiran

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Local Dive Sites


The Dive Sites along the coastline between the Straits of Tiran and the Ras Mohammed National Park are known as local dive sites.  There are 18 different sites which vary in topography, marine life, current strength, and difficulty.
Most of the local sites are considered easy, as they are either located in sheltered bays or relatively sheltered headlands.  These sites are generally less prone to strong currents and surface swells and usually offer more leisurely dives. They provide the perfect opportunity for photography, spotting unusual nudibranchs and relaxing between dives with a bit of snorkelling on the shallow reef walls.
During certain months of the year, local sites become the centre of attention when they are frequented by Mantas and Whalesharks. At other times large groups of fish gather to take shelter from the rougher seas further off the reefs. The varied topography of each site provides plenty of interest for divers of all levels.