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Diving On Our Beautiful House Reef

Beach Diving

Beach diving is a great alternative to diving from our boats. Additionally it’s especially beneficial if you want to ease yourself gently into diving in the Red Sea. Only got time for one dive, this is your solution, or it could be you’re a keen underwater photographer wanting to spend time perfecting your art.

Our House Reef is located right in front of the dive centre in Naama Bay. We have direct access to the sea with a shallow entry from our sandy beach. Our cordoned off confined area means you can safely check your buoyancy and it’s an ideal place to refresh some dive skills. Furthermore it provides an area for safe descents and ascents from your dives.

One of our very experienced guides will accompany you on all shore dives. They will give you a detailed briefing before entry and take you on a tour of the reef.

Take it Easy

 A beach check dive is a great way to start your holiday in a relaxed way and make sure you are ready to dive from our boat. You get a chance to check all your equipment is working and get your weighting and buoyancy fine-tuned. It’s particularly useful if you have bought some new equipment and want to familiarise yourself with it.


Refresh Your Scuba Skills

Has it been a while since your last dive? Take advantage of completing a Scuba Review with one of our experienced instructors. You can refresh your diving skills and get comfortable in the water again, as well as have a gentle fun dive afterwards. This is a recommendation from most training agencies if you haven’t dived for between 6 months and a year.


What Can I See on a Beach Dive?

During a beach dive, you can expect to see a wide variety of red sea reef fish, including many juveniles. Check out clownfish in their anemones, glassfish collecting on the pinnacles covered in hard and soft corals, or goatfish feeding in the sand.  If you are lucky, we regularly get an eagle ray or a turtle passing through, as well as moray eels, crocodile fish and blue-spotted rays.

Take a look at our House Reef Dive Site map below with pictures of some of the regular inhabitants you are bound to see.

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Oonas Dive Club House Reef Map