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Visiting the Thistlegorm involves an early morning start but it’s worth it!. You will leave our dive centre at 5:30 am and travel by minibus to the harbour.

The dive boat departs around 6 am — travelling for about two and a half hours to the other side of the Sinai. Breakfast is served after you leave port and then you can chill out until it’s briefing time.

Resting in 30 meters of water on the bed of the Gulf of Suez, this is a dive for those Advanced and above.

Once at the Thistlegorm you will make two dives. Firstly, you will go around the outside of the Thistlegorm, giving you an orientation of the wreck. Here you will see the two anti-aircraft guns and the ship’s huge propeller, some bombs, guns, and the winches. Maybe you will visit the rope room where there are still intact ropes — or swim through the captains cabin and see his bathtub. 

Secondly, you will go inside the wreck to check out the cargo holds – and there is loads of cargo! These include motorbikes, trucks, wellington boots, guns and more.

After the dives are finished the boat will begin heading back to Sharm el-Sheikh and lunch is served en route. An optional third dive is sometimes offered at Shark and Yolanda Reef in the Ras Mohammed National Park.


Cost And Criteria

The Thistlegorm trip costs 220 euros for two guided dives on the wreck, 12ltr air/ Nitrox 32 % tanks and weights. Breakfast, lunch and unlimited drinks aboard the boat are included. A booking cancellation charge of 85 euros applies if you are a “no show” on the morning of the trip. The optional third dive at Shark and Yolanda Reef costs an additional 30 euros.

Visitors to the Thistlegorm must have an Advanced diving licence, 20+ logged dives. Also you must do at least a check dive with us before we can take you to the wreck.