Ras Za’atar

Ras Za’atar

Ras Za’atar is located on a rocky headland at the corner of Marsa Bareika Bay in Ras Mohamed National Park. Firstly, a dramatic wall  greets you at the start of the dive plunging down into the depths. Furthermore, spectacular chimneys cut into the reef table above provide a unique atmosphere. Light filters down into the caves and crevices below — and if you look up the edge of the reef almost looks like lace. 


At the start of the dive sits a distinctive pinnacle with a single large table coral and a gorgonian fan. See if you can find the elusive long nosed hawkfish on the fan —  or shrimps hiding out among the glassfish. 


When you proceed along the reef you will encounter many beautiful soft corals on the outer chimney walls. Alternately, you can explore the overhangs and walls of the chimneys. Here you may find lion fish, octopus, nudibranchs and other critters.


At the corner of the promontory large trevally can be found hunting huge shoals of fusiliers. Watch carefully for large pelagics which often swing around the headland — such as eagle rays, sharks or even an occasional manta.  


The last part of the site is a gentle plateau covered in hard and soft corals. In the early summer months thousands of Indian Parrot fish congregate here. There is also the chance of seeing turtles cruising by or feeding on the reef.