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Notes For Divers

If you plan to come and dive with us here at Oonas Dive Club, here are a few notes for divers you should consider:

1. Equipment hire costs are only included when you are doing a PADI course with us.  Consequently, on all other diving days, full equipment hire is 30 euros per day. If you have some of your own equipment, individual items can be hired separately.

2. It is recommended that you arrange appropriate insurance cover for your diving and holiday activities before coming.  Don’t forget to bring a copy of your policy with you on holiday.

3. Anyone completing a PADI Course will be required to complete this medical questionnaire.  Any ‘YES’ answers will need a doctor to sign the ‘Fit to Dive’ declaration on the third page.

4. If you haven’t dived for a while may be required to complete a Scuba Review before diving from one of our boats.

5. For Open Water Divers, we strongly recommend you should consider completing the Advanced Open Water Course. This will help ensure you get the best out of your Red Sea diving experience.

The course will provide you with a great opportunity to enhance your diving skills under the supervision of one of our instructors. It  prepares you to visit interesting dive sites that may not be accessible due to restrictions of depth and experience.

For Open Water Divers we cannot guarantee that we will always have boats going to locations that are suitable for that level of qualification.  If you wish to visit Ras Mohammed National Park and/or the Strait of Tiran you must be Advanced Open Water or hire a Private Guide to dive with you. The cost of a private guide is 60 euros per day.