Gordon Reef

Gordon Reef

There is no mistaking Gordon Reef, the most southerly of the reefs in Tiran, Sharm el Sheikh. It stands out due to the remains of the wreck of the Louilla sitting on the western side. The ship hit the reef in 1981 and while it has eroded over the years, some remains on top of the reef today. 

Diving on this lovely reef generally takes place on the eastern side. Descend onto a gorgeous sandy plateau with many pinnacles of beautiful soft and hard corals. The drop-off starts at about 20 meters where you may see eagle rays, sharks or possibly a manta cruising past.

Situated toward the central part of the reef on the plateau are a number of metal barrels scattered on the sea bed. While it is uncertain what ship these came from they have now become home to many different critters and creatures. Check them out for nudibranchs, moray eels, and octopus.

As you head further towards the northerly end of the reef there is a sandy plateau. Here you can find garden eels sitting out of the sand feeding on plankton in the water. Approach them slowly though or these shy creatures will bury themselves again until you pass by. Also keep your eyes open for rays sleeping on the bottom, snapper in the blue, and admire the picturesque coral blocks.

If the current allows you can cruise around the northern corner towards the atmospheric back of the reef.  Here you will find small overhangs where you may find juvenile white tip reef sharks sheltering and sleeping.