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Meet the Team

It is our dedicated team of dive staff that creates the friendly and relaxed atmosphere for which Oonas Dive Club is renowned. Here is an insight into the members of our team.


Nick Browne

Dive Guide & Instructor

Dive Qualification: PADI MSDT

Dived Where: Red Sea, Malta, Philipinnes, Yemen, UK & Australia

Favourite Red Sea Diving Experience: watching Blacktips Sharks at Shark Reef making a kill.

Funniest/Embarrassing Moment: Being unable to prevent a trolley loaded with dive equipment rolling off the side of a jetty!!! (all equipment was recovered)

Most Likely to .......  never see a WhaleShark...... News Flash ..... He has seen 3 now, no longer on the Mythical Creature list!



Pete Brucepete bruce

Dive guide & Instructor

Dive Qualifications: PADI Staff Instructor

Dived Where: Red Sea, Caribbean, Maldives, Indonesia, UK

Favourite Red Sea Diving Moment: Spending well over an hour interacting with dolphins, if the air had lasted longer I would have stayed there longer.

Most Embarrassing Diving Moment: falling off the back of the boat to check the current 200 meters from the reef without a mask, it doesn’t work.

Most likely to......: be dressed up in a Sexy Santa outfit at Christmas Eve party!


amyAmy Oxtoby

Dive Centre Manager

Dive Qualifications: PADI OWSI

Dived Where: UK, Cyprus, Thailand, Maldives, Yemen, Red Sea & Australia.

Favourite Red Sea Diving Experience: Seahorses... anywhere anytime... just love em!

Funniest/Embarrassing Diving moment: Too numerous to mention, but if you buy her a beer she'll tell you them all!

Mostly likely to: be able to identify the most obscure nudibranchs - and see the most WhaleSharks in a year.