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PADI Speciality Courses
How about taking your diver training to the next level with one of our PADI Speciality Courses?  Here at Oonas Dive Club we run a wide range of courses so whether your interest is in deeper diving, perfecting your bouyancy skills, learning more about our wonderful marine environment, taking amazing underwater photos or a whole range of other options, we feel sure we have a course for you.
If you complete 5 Speciality Courses and you will be well on the way to reaching the pinnacle of recreational diving, the Master Scuba Diver.
Here's a list of the courses we have on offer - click on the title for more information about each course, how long it takes and what it will cost.

Please note: For every PADI course you will need to complete a Medical Form - click on the link to look at the form. pdf buttonPADI Medical Statement


Speciality Courses:


AWARE Fish Idenitification

Boat Diving

Deep Diving

Diver Propulsion Vehicle

Drift Diving

Full Face Mask + u/w communication

Multi Level and Computer Diving

Night Diving

Peak Performance Bouyancy

Search and Recovery

Underwater Naturalist

Underwater Navigator

Digital Underwater Photography

Wreck Diving